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ZYXEL l XS1930-12F - Switch - smart - 10 x 1 Gigabit / 10 Gigabit SFP+ + 2 x 100/1000/2.5G/5G/10GBase-T - desktop, rack-mountable

Frontpage ZYXEL l XS1930-12F - Switch - smart - 10 x 1 Gigabit / 10 Gigabit SFP+ + 2 x 100/1000/2.5G/5G/10GBase-T - desktop, rack-mountable
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ZYXEL l XS1930-12F - Switch - smart - 10 x 1 Gigabit / 10 Gigabit SFP+ + 2 x 100/ 1000/ 2.5G/ 5G/ 10GBase-T - desktop, rack-mountable (XS1930-12F-ZZ0101F)

ZYXEL l XS1930-12F - Switch - smart - 10 x 1 Gigabit / 10 Gigabit SFP+ + 2 x 100/1000/2.5G/5G/10GBase-T - desktop, rack-mountable

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  • Ports 10
  • Speed 240Gbps
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Business needs to reserve room for greater bandwidth demands, including growing number of Multi-Gigabit devices such as servers, APs and other devices supporting beyond the standard gigabit, as well as increasing wireless and IoT traffic. Introducing Zyxel’s new family of Multi-Gigabit smart managed switch series that is purpose-built for today’s network while providing futureproof technology for agile network expansion. The XS1930 series consists of 3 models: XS1930-10 with 8 Multi-Gigabit ports and XS1930-12HP with 10 Multi-Gigabit PoE ports providing up to 60 W per port, both equipped with additional 2 SFP+ uplink ports; the fiber model XS1930-12F containing 10 SFP+ ports and 2 Multi-Gigabit ports provides high-bandwidth aggregation connectivity to multiple switches across network. Each of the Multi-Gigabit ports support speed 100M/1G/2.5G/5G/10G that are suitable for every network device.

5-color LED makes network upgrade visible
Upgrading to 10 Gigabit Ethernet often require costly wiring upgrades, but thanks to the latest IEEE 802.3bz standard, it can provide Multi-Gigabit technology on existing wiring infrastructure designed for standard Gigabit, protecting your investments while offering up to 10 times more bandwidth capacity without the expensive and disruptive cable upgrades. Each copper port of the new Multi-Gigabit switch is able to automatically detect which speed is needed with the connected device. It may not always operate at the maximum port speed due to quality or length of the cable used by the network. It’s common for Multi-Gigabit switches to operate at different link speed for each individual ports. The XS1930 Series is designed with unique 5-color LED, providing an intuitive indication of connection speed for each individual ports. For example, when a WiFi 6 (11ax) access point connects to a XS1930-12HP switch, the LED of the connected port will instantly and clearly light up with a color that represents the best achievable performance beyond Gigabit.

Superior PoE paves the way for high performance WiFi 6 APs
The demand for increased bandwidth of wireless networks such as the skyrocketing use of modern smartphones, tablets, and IoT devices never ends. The 802.11ac standard has pushed wireless capacity beyond the traditional 1 Gbps limit, the rapid adoption of high-performance wireless infrastructure are now moving towards the latest WiFi 6 (11ax) standard. The XS1930-12HP supports new high power IEEE 802.3bt (PoE++) offering up to 60 W per port. The PoE++ backwards compatibility with existing PoE/PoE+ devices allow customers to continue to power existing APs and accessories at the same time, offering enough power for 11AX AP that requires more than the traditional 30 W per port. XS1930-12HP provides a large power budget of up to 375 W which gives enough headroom for connections up to 8 WiFi 6 (11ax) APs. The user-friendly PoE consumption indicator located on the front panel and Web GUI provides real-time power utilization.

Trustworthy aggregation switch for agile network expansion
When your business adopts the XGS1930 access switch series (Gigabit switch with 10G uplinks), it carries up to four 10G fiber ports for uplinks and server connections. These 10G fiber ports can also be used in time of network expansion when connecting to a 10G fiber aggregation switch. Incorporated with its advanced features, XS1930- 12F with up to ten SFP+ fiber ports provide high-bandwidth backbone connectivity for multiple access switches to flexibly address versatile network infrastructure demands

Near silent Multi-Gigabit operation
The XS1930 Series brings more speed silently to your network with Zyxel’s advanced smart fan design, it is able to automatically adjust speeds based on the device temperature to minimize system acoustic noise, offering near silent network environment while your upgrade your home or office networks to 10G high speed connection.

NebulaFlex — simply manage it your way!
The XS1930 Series supports NebulaFlex technology which provides extended flexibility, especially for those who hesitate to step up for cloud networking. You can easily switch network management modes between standalone, and our license-free Nebula cloud management platform. The NebulaFlex even allows you to change your mind at any time without additional cost while protecting previous investments on wired technology.

Smart managed switch design inside and out
Under the stylish carbon-like cover comes a new hardware and software that widens user experience and control with intuitive features like the One-touch ‘Restore’ button on the front panel. SMB features such as VLAN, enhanced QoS, Link Aggregation, IPv6 and DoS prevention along with IPv4/IPv6 Layer 3 static routing all can be configured through its user-friendly web interface without learning any complex command line interface (CLI).

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