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ZYXEL l Multy U AC2100 - Radio access point - Wi-Fi 5 - 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz - DC power (pack of 3)

Frontpage ZYXEL l Multy U AC2100 - Radio access point - Wi-Fi 5 - 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz - DC power (pack of 3)
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ZYXEL l Multy U AC2100 - Radio access point - Wi-Fi 5 - 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz - DC power (pack of 3) (WSR30-EU0301F)

ZYXEL l Multy U AC2100 - Radio access point - Wi-Fi 5 - 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz - DC power (pack of 3)

Product number:
  • Speed 866Mbps
  • Type Access point
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Suit your personal style Design to be fresh and youthful catering to those who need the extra flair in their digital lives. Multy U invites you to put the device in sight while giving you a top of the line WiFi experience. As vibrant as you Multy U adds a dash of personality to your home network lifestyle. The aesthetic beauty of rounded corners design and X-shaped breathing light fuses together perfectly to achieve a remarkably seamless style. Verify the status by breathing LED The Zyxel Multy U is a stylish WiFi system, embracing the beauty of light into a leading technology product. The effect of breathing LED is a periodic color fashion that is unique amongst WiFi System. You can check the system’s status during operation at a glance with its light indicator. Performance as design Innovative leather strap, the Multy U provides the option of hanging it in an elevated position enabling it to have better WiFi performance. Adjust to your needs Enjoy the benefits of both hanging and standing with a magnetic stand. Place your Multy U vertically on the desk or hang it on the wall. Easy to install, no tools required. Exceptional WiFi coverage throughout your home The Multy U pack of 3 can create a powerful WiFi network throughout a home that is up to 6,000 square feet while handling up to 128 devices without encountering lag. The differences between dual-band and tri-band WiFi systems Unlike other rival dual-band WiFi systems that slow down WiFi speed as you add more devices, Multy U enables one band dedicated to connecting the Multy U nodes together, so that you can add even more devices on a network without sacrificing quality and speed. Tri-band powered for maximum performance Utilizing three wireless bands, the Multy U delivers blazing fast AC2100 speed through its dedicated 5 GHz connection (between nodes), and broadcasts with the remaining 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi network. Automatically connect to the fastest path A mesh-based WiFi network helps organize an evenly spread signal. No matter how you place the Zyxel Multy U WiFi system, it automatically optimizes which units to connect with for the best connectivity, even if you accidentally disconnect one. Crafted with minimalism in mind for maximum performance Our “Soft Contact Antenna” can provide more degree of freedom on wireless design while retaining style. In order to deal with multi-path effect in a real home environment, we insert multiple polarization on our device, with this design, it's more robust under fading channel. Similar to the technology used in a mobile base station that stabilizes communication quality. Ethernet backhaul for reliable connection Need more speed and prevent wireless interference ? Multy U supports Ethernet backhaul, allowing every node to be wired together with an Ethernet cable to ensure the best reliability and performance. Well-balance cooling Zyxel implement revolution technology to cool down the device. The enclosure has been processed with a special coating that allows the enclosure itself to act as a heat sink. That way the device does not require vents that may attract dust. Find out your actual internet speed with Multy U Test Internet speed connection from your mobile device. Ensure that you're connected to the Internet with the best WiFi speed available. Our mobile app makes it simple to allow you to test your Internet speed on your Multy U WiFi system. Stay informed, stay connected ! Stay up-to-date with your Multy's push notification. Receive the latest information on new device connection and firmware updates that provide the latest performance and stability enhancement. View speed test results once the test has concluded. Get all of the information right from your notification bar! Remote access your Multy U system from your mobile phone anywhere Keep your home network up and running, even while you're away from home. Manage multiple Multy systems in different remote locations through your phone whenever/wherever you are Safely share your home WiFi with friends Set up a guest WiFi network to keep the primary network private and secure. One WiFi network to ensure a seamless connection Multy creates a single wireless network name and password, allowing you to roam, work and play freely throughout your home without the need to reconnect to another network. Expand for more WiFi coverage Want to increase WiFi range ? Multy U is an expandable WiFi system that can easily add extra nodes for additional WiFi coverage in a multi-room environment. Support Amazon Alexa voice control The Zyxel Multy U is an Amazon Alexa-enabled device. Alexa enables you to interact with Multy U using voice. Let you connect to Alexa to manage home network easier. Make your voice-control experience better.

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